Jewellery Care

YIZON Jewellery is constructed in Sterling Silver or 18K gold plated brass.


Gold plated jewellery :

To clean, use a dry fine cloth or a soft cotton ball to gently wipe the surface.

Avoid exposure to humidity and air. Store in air-tight bag if possible.

Avoid contact with chemicals, including skin care products, hairspray and perfumes.

Do not use polishing cloth or alcohol based cleaners, as these may damage the finishing on the product.


Sterling silver jewellery :

Sterling silver products naturally oxidize and change colour as they are worn.

As the colour of the item fades or changes, gently wipe the item with the silver polishing cloth provided. Wipe dry, do not use water or other liquids.

Avoid contact with humidity. Avoid wearing at beaches, swimming pools and hot springs.

When unworn, avoid exposure to humidity and air by storing in air tight bag.


How to clean with silver cloth :