Fingerprint signet ring workshop July 21st 14:00-18:00

by Yizon Studio


Join us at our Amsterdam studio for an immersive jewelry-making workshop where you'll craft a stunning piece from scratch using wax. In this session, you'll learn the professional technique of wax carving to design a unique signet ring. Enjoy the freedom to create any silhouette, imprint your fingerprint, or carve any design and shape you desire. Once completed, your creation will be cast in sterling silver, polished, and shipped to you within two weeks.

This 4-hour workshop is held once a month and can accommodate up to 6 participants. No prior experience is necessary. The price includes casting the ring in sterling silver and polishing. Please note that shipping costs are not included and may vary depending on the destination.

You also have the option to cast your wax pieces in 14k or 18k gold, with pricing based on weight.