Silver Clay Ring Workshop

by Yizon Studio


Join us in our Amsterdam studio for a hands-on jewelry-making workshop, where you'll craft a stunning ring with 7 grams of silver clay and colorful cubic zirconia stones of your choice. Our workshop setting is intimate, catering to a maximum of four participants.

Discover the art of crafting with silver clay in this workshop. Explore shaping by hand, using specialized tools for rolling, setting stones, the intricate process of burning, and the art of polishing. The culmination? Your own exquisite silver ring, infused with your personal touch. Mix and match your favorite color combinations—green with pink, blue with orange—on an organically textured ring, creating a colorful masterpiece that promises a joyful dopamine boost every time it catches your eye!

If you have a voucher and would like to attend a workshop, simply email to inquire about a time slot. Once you receive a confirmation, you can attend the workshop with the physical voucher.